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FPD Pharma-Drawer

Developed for pharmacists requiring a highly efficient compact drug storage solution with minimal usage of floor space. Each drawer is fitted with a clear acrylic riser to the front to allow maximum visibility of each medicine pack. Organised drawer divisions assist stock control and workflows in line with recommended FIFO - "First In First Out" principals. When combined with our FPD Pharma-Shelf and FPD Pharma-Fit pharmacy storage systems an array of shelf/drawer configurations can be created to match the demands of any medicine distribution sector.

FPD Pharma-Drawer will adapt to room design and shapes. Create back to back central units at full height or bench height. Ask our sales team for more details on different heights, lengths, depths and accessories available.

Every drawer fits neatly into uprights without the need for any tools. Position any drawer in both horizontal and angled positions. Slots in the uprights permit variable drawer heights and multiple shelf configurations. Drawers can be locked into an open extended position for easy stock replenishment.

Applications: Hospitals, Chemists, Pharmacy, Dispensary, Laboratories, Veterinary, Homeopathy, Medical Centres, Surgeries, Drug Storage

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Pharma-Drawer Four Bay
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